How do we help others help us? 8 Oct meeting

How Do We Help Others Help Us?
our next meeting – Tuesday 8 October 2019

How does someone with Parkinson’s let those well-meaning in our lives – whether it be family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, or simply a stranger on the street – know what ‘help’ we want, or more importantly don’t want?

Often people feel powerless to help, unsure of what to do or say to someone with Parkinson’s. They may see a situation where they want to reach out and help in some way but are hesitant to do so for fear of doing the wrong thing. It is important for a person with Parkinson’s to retain their independence and feeling of control and can be difficult to rely on others, ask for help and show vulnerability. Everyone is different so what may be helpful for one person may not be helpful to another.

Join us for our next meeting on 8 October where a panel of PwP members will talk about their experiences and share what ‘help’ looks like and means for them. They will share times where they’ve been given support and how that has helped and other times where help was given but was not wanted or received well. The aim is to generate discussion and give those attending some strategies to identifying what support is best for them, what they don’t need and how best to communicate that to others.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note we will start our meeting at a different time than usual, 1pm (Tea and coffee at 12.30pm).

Date: Tuesday 8 October 2019
Time: 12.30pm for 1pm start
Venue: Mt Eden Bowling Club, 16 Stokes Rd, Mt Eden
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