About Us


Parkinson’s disease affects each one of us differently and people living with Parkinson’s do so in different ways.

In November 2014 a group of us set up a new organisation to help us to band together for our mutual benefit. People with Parkinson’s is a patient-led organisation, different from Parkinson’s New Zealand. We focus on people with Parkinson’s networking with each other.

Point of difference…

PwP is different in that we start from the position that you want to manage yourself with Parkinson’s to the maximum in collaboration with others.

We value health professionals…

But we know that it’s the actions we take to manage our health that make a difference to our wellness on a daily basis. Health professionals can’t make us well. That’s our job.

Independence important to people who live with Parkinson’s…

People who have joined PwP Inc value their independence highly. “It’s about maintaining a quality of life for the longer term,” said Peter. “I know what I want to do and I am willing to put in the effort.”

“It’s good to talk to others who also value their independence,” said Margaret. “They know what I am talking about and I feel very affirmed when we’re together.”

What Help We Need From You

We will be happy to receive a constant donation from you by being a member for $25 per year. Also, any form of donation will be welcome. Your contribution can help us continue our operation, publish our materials and other administrative expenses.

Feel free to come and join us now! We are excited to meet you.