How do we help others help us? 8 Oct meeting

How Do We Help Others Help Us? our next meeting – Tuesday 8 October 2019 How does someone with Parkinson’s let those well-meaning in our lives – whether it be family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, or simply a stranger on the street – know what ‘help’ we want, or more importantly don’t want? Often people feel powerless to […]

Managing your medications 13 Aug

On 1 August 2017, we had a very successful discussion with Debra Cochrane, a community pharmacist on the variety of medications that we are taking to manage our Parkinson’s.  Feedback was that there was quite a bit to follow up. We have been very fortunate to be able to partner with the University of Auckland […]

Appreciating the work of carers – 11 June

Appreciating the work of carers Jennifer Dann, co-author of Living & Giving:  A Guide for Carers and People with Parkinson’s will be speaking at our next event Tuesday, 11 June. She is an award-winning journalist with more than 10 years’ experience in newspapers and radio. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear and share experiences about the partnership of […]

Book Launch Living & Giving 9 Apr

Special event for PWP Inc. Not to be missed Book launch – Living & Giving On behalf of George Andrews we are delighted to extend a warm invitation to members to the Auckland launch of Living & Giving: A Guide to Carers and People with Parkinsons, by Ann Andrews and Jennifer Dann. Tuesday April 9, […]

Special event for PWP Inc.  Not to be missed On behalf of George Andrews we are delighted to extend  a warm invitation to members to the Auckland launch of  Living & Giving:  A Guide to Carers and People with Parkinsons, by Ann Andrews and Jennifer Dann. Tuesday April 9, 5 -7pm Pioneer Women’s Hall Ellen Melville […]

26 Feb with Dr Matt Phillips

Come to hear from Dr Matt Phillips a neurologist working at the Waikato DHB who has been studying the impact of two types of diet on key symptoms of Parkinson’s. Both produced a reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms. If diet can actually reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s, as his study indicates, then this may be an […]

12 Feb 2019 Eden Garden walk

JOIN US FOR A WALK IN EDEN GARDEN Discover or rediscover this wonderfully peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Mt Eden. Wander through 5.5 acres of award-winning garden where there’s always something in bloom. Enjoy the waterfalls, rock formations, resident native birds, fabulous city and harbour views and of course each other’s company. The cost is […]

First AGM

11 April 2017 – AGM for PwP Inc/World Parkinson’s Day

AGM/Elections On 11 April we will have our second AGM. This is where we report to you for the work of the organisation and the finances. We will also finalise plans for 2017 at the meeting as well.  There is an opportunity to join the Management Committee of PwP Inc. If you are interested, download […]

May 2016 Newsletter

In our annual report we note that 2015 has been a very positive year. Through a range of activities we have demonstrated that we have a valid role to play in the Parkinson’s landscape. We ran four events of interest to members and published five newsletters and two brochures. We consolidated our new society and […]


Taking Charge

I am not a doctor or a scientist and have no aspiration to work in these fields. When diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010, I had been working on a community development project in community health at the time and felt obliged to practise what I was preaching, i.e. that we need to own our heath […]


People with Parkinson’s in Auckland – What does the Primary Stakeholder say?

In relation to health and wellness, the role of people with Parkinson’s can be usefully understood in terms of ‘stakeholder’ language.  Being a stakeholder describes a group whose participation is indispensable to the ongoing existence of an enterprise, activity or function[1].  In relation to health and wellness it is clear that the individual and/or whānau […]

A Strategic Conversation for Parkinson’s Auckland

You own your health; we work with you If Parkinson’s Auckland were to identify and agree the 5 key things the Auckland organisation should be doing well over the next 5 – 10 years, what would they be? Clearly an important question. However, the approach to the question is even more important. If the question […]

Book review – Grandma’s Brain by Ann Andrews

This book for children aged 6+ explains complex medical details of what Parkinson’s is in simple straightforward language.  My granddaughter aged 7 read this book to me.  She knew I had Parkinson’s but not what it really meant. It formed a good basis for further discussion. Highly recommended.

Book review – Positively Parkinson’s by Ann Andrews

  This is a must read, particularly for the newly diagnosed, their family and friends.  It is the book I wish had been available when I was diagnosed. It offers practical advice to people with Parkinson’s about how to manage the effects of the symptoms.  It draws on the personal experience of Ann and others […]